Today, there are far more technology jobs available than there are skilled workers to ll them.

Moving forward, the amount of available tech jobs is only going to continue to grow.

The wages and salaries these jobs pay can help lift people out of poverty, and provide for families.

A skilled technology workforce can make area businesses more competitive against national and global competition, which can create even more jobs.

And with a means of connection and the proper resources, skilled technology professionals can even devise solutions to solve some of our cities biggest challenges.


In 2017, representatives of Buffalo, NY, along with the neighboring city of Rochester, submitted a joint-proposal to Amazon.com Inc, in an effort to become the future site of Amazon's New H2 Headquarters.

A victory would land a prize of 50,000 new jobs for the Western New York community, and a boon for the local economy.

Unfortunately, the proposal, along with bids from over 200 other cities, like Detroit, Baltimore, and Charlotte, didn't even make it to the second round of the process.

And a lack of local tech talent, was cited as one major reason why.

"While there are pockets of emerging tech talent across the country, the majority of tech workers are centralized in few tech clusters on the West and East Coasts," Mark Muro, senior fellow and policy director at the Brookings Institution, told Bloomberg Law March 8.

"Unless the tech industry can be jump-started in a middle-American city, that area will have difficulty attracting new technology companies like Amazon over the coasts, regardless of lifestyle or other factors, he said."

But its not just the Amazons. The technology jobs of tomorrow are here today, and without a robust technology workforce, companies are going to look beyond Buffalo to accomplish their hiring goals.

By constructing an environment that fosters, attracts, and retains technology talent, we'll be able to help build a better future for our Queen City. 

What an opportunity we have.

Randy Harris

Co-Founder & Executive Director, ITBuffalo


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