TechBuffalo is a nonprofit with the mission of producing 5,000 new technology professionals for the Buffalo region. We will accomplish this by creating a sustainable technology community for Western New York that improves our area’s ability to retain, attract, and foster technology talent. TechBuffalo will partner with lead organizations to coordinate activities across Empire State Development’s investment portfolio, and implement a tech-specific talent attraction, retention, and fostering agenda. We will use the goals and directives that have been refined for nearly two and a half years, with the help of an enthusiastic and engaged Board of Directors; a Board comprised of regional technology leaders. TechBuffalo will be ramped up to implement their own tech-specific programs with regional partners, while providing coordination across all initiatives. This will create one organization to connect all programs, avoid duplicative efforts, and increase collaboration across all talent attraction initiatives. A new TechBuffalo website will connect and support all initiatives. 

In coordination with colleges and universities, TechBuffalo will implement a formal, tech-specific internship and apprenticeship program open to all area schools and companies. To support tech companies, TechBuffalo will lead talent attraction training, coaching, and education. Small-group support and engagement such as tech-community events, administration, and marketing support will assist local tech small groups with building micro-communities. 

In coordination with Invest Buffalo Niagara, Tech Buffalo will attract technology talent by linking the TechBuffalo website to the Invest Buffalo Niagara Talent Attraction Website, to serve as a talent attraction tool for tech recruiting departments at area companies. In coordination with 43North, TechBuffalo will develop a Director Resource Program where the TechBuffalo Executive Director serves as a tech-ecosystem tour guide for companies recruiting talent to Buffalo. Tech Buffalo will also serve as a small-group connector—connecting potential transplant tech workers to area tech groups and other regional opportunities before they relocate to Buffalo. 

TechBuffalo will support talent fostering / workforce development (in coordination with Tech Schools, colleges, universities, and other training providers) by assembling a regional tech-education and certification taxonomy; facilitating and promoting multiple Tech Schools; serving as the community connectivity and access arm and host/facilitator for Tech Schools; using the TechBuffalo administrator for Tech School information/registration support; introducing and integrating students into small, local tech groups; and integrating Tech Schools with internship/apprenticeship programs. They will also support programming options depending on the schools’ and students’ needs— providing 101 training for entry-level students and upskilling/soft skills training for current tech professionals and tech students. 


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